McStay Family
McStay Family

Editor’s Note:  We have been following the case of the missing McStay Family and our hearts go out to the relatives and friends of the Fallbrook residents who disappeared in 2010.

By Rick Rojas and James Rainey, LA Times —

Nearly four years ago, the McStays left their snug home in suburban San Diego County on a chilly February evening. Piling into their Isuzu Trooper, parents Joseph and Summer and young sons Gianni and Joseph Jr. left behind two dogs, two bowls of popcorn and, soon, a mystery.

Their car turned up four days later in the parking lot of a mini-mall near the Mexican border, with a few birthday toys for one of the boys tossed in back. But there was no sign of the McStays.

Some 1,374 days later and about 100 miles to the north, San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies uncovered the skeletal remains of the parents and two small bodies believed to be their boys, authorities said Friday. An off-road motorcyclist had noticed a few scattered bones four days earlier, near what turned out to be a pair of shallow graves on the edge of the desert outside Victorville.,0,4073608.story#axzz2kmm8ic2i