CARLSBAD — Former ‘Storage Wars’ star Dave Hester may have stirred the pot with his lawsuit against A & E, but has found life after his lawsuit against the show producers.

“No, I’m not doing a spin-off,” he said from behind his booth at a Southern California fair recently.  “I’m doing my own auctions.”

Hester, known by his ‘Storage Wars’ fans for making things rough for his competitors with his famous call of “Yup!” is making the most of his reality show fame, pushing products that bear his likeness, including books, CDs and bumper stickers.  Hats with a signature are $20.

Hester said he started his own auction house, Dave Hester Auctioneer, located in Santa Ana.

How are things in the legal world?

“Things are going well,” said Hester, who did not divulge his litigation strategy.

But when asked if he had any more moves up his sleeve, of course we can guess what his answer is.