Apartments available by the thousands elicits the question: Who’s staying in Los Angeles?

Rents are super low and there are thousands of apartment vacancies as evidenced by a look at the want ads. And as people make a flight response — either young people going back to their parents homes or families moving out of the state completely —  it begs the question: Who’s left in Los Angeles?

If you look at apartment listings there’s a staggering amount of units available for rent as advertisements reek of desperation, with prices hitting a 10-year low for lucky tenants. In other words, there are some bargains to be had for those who are not unemployed.

It is not immediately clear whether the 2-bedroom, 1-bedrooms and studios have become available because colleges will be holding classes online and not in person. But in addition to the areas surrounding University of California, Los Angeles; University of Southern California and some of the junior colleges, the current price of an apartment in LA is a steal.

But while many people are leaving LA, as might be deduced from the staggering amount of available rental inventory around the city, there are those who are also relocating to the City of Angels from other regions.

“I needed to get out of San Francisco,” said Jeri Ready of San Francisco. “I don’t need to be close to work because I can work from anywhere now. I got a nice apartment here in Los Angeles for a lot less than what I was paying in San Francisco.”

Voter Registration Back-Up

With only a few months until the 2020 Presidential Election, now is the time to check on the voter registration in California. While vote-by-mail is available in the state, California is also preparing polling places for those who want to vote in person, as vote by mail is now legal, but it is not the only choice for voters.

According to the LA Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, those who are registered can walk into any polling place in the County to cast their votes. No longer are people tied to only one location, the polling place near their home.

However, the backlog of work caused by layoffs and transitions within the office of the LA Registrar-Recorder since COVID hit is keeping the voter registration process moving at a snail’s pace.

The Clerk’s office advises that to be sure you are a registered voter, call their office at 800-815-2666 because any registration forms and affidavits sent by mail over the last few months were “likely received” but have not been processed yet. 

The US Postal Service has been having its many challenges for many years, it is no secret. But a representative for the County said staffing cuts and transitions inside the LA County offices have caused “massive” delays the voter registration process. 

To be sure of voter registration for the 2020 elections call the County registrar before Oct. 19, 2020, when registration closes for this year.