Barbershop Punk is available on Netflix and is well worth watching

What is “net neutrality?”

Take a look at this film, “Barbershop Punk,” and you will find out yet another would-be travesty of justice and had it not been for one lone voice — we might still be in the Internet darkness.

The film is based on Rob Topolski, a software tester known for his discovery of Comcast’s slowdowns in Internet service various broadcasts and online sharing. The discoveries he made becamse the basis for and were the underlying jumpstart for the net neutrality movement.

Topolski, who was a singer in a barbershop quartet was trying to share his songs on BitComet and BitTorrent when he noticed the speeds were being slowed by his ISP, Comcast.

The Associated Press shared his story and the Federal Communications Commission got involved and asked the ISP for network policies.

This film is a must-see for any communicator and anyone who studies First Amendment rights.  Netflix carries the film.