Chuck Norris wrote in a column recently that Prince and Merle Haggard may have lost their lives because the noted superstars spoke out about chemtrails, the systematic spraying of poison over our country.

The practice, which has been going on for years but which has grown more threatening as — intentionally or not — poisonous chemicals like Strontium, Barium and Aluminum are falling to earth — and all over the people, pet, plants and food sources.

If this practice is not put in check, activists fear more nefarious plans — if they are not in the work already by corporations and government collusion — will be underway shortly.

Here is the clip that moved Prince to write a song about chemtrails.  In the clip, activist Dick Gregory is heated, but he may not be far off.  But it is not only the poor neighborhoods that are being doused.  Chemtrails are being spread over all the land.