Discovery Comes as UC Fights Scathing Report and Admissions Audit

Tzuhsun Hsu
Photo by Tzuhsun Hsu

WESTWOOD – The families of Chinese students applying for admission to University of California are gifting university officials to gain admission over American students, according to a source inside the system.

“Gifting” continues throughout the University of California system, according to a source employed within the system. The source declined to be identified for this story.

“Chinese applicants know how to get in,” said the source. “They’re working the system big time. The Chinese applicants are paying off officials at the school.  Even if the applicant doesn’t get in, the family of the rejected student will give a financial gift.  Everyone knows it but they’re keeping it really quiet.”

These assessments are known widely in UC circles and the corruption has moved Assemblyman Mike Gipson (D-Carson) to push for an audit of the UC admissions program.  While Gipson’s audit refers to “out-of-state” students it makes veiled reference to the out-of-country applicants.


The LA TIMES article also outlines the issues at hand.

Repeated calls to the University of California went unreturned.

State auditor Elaine Howle testified at the state capitol last week that the state has put the welfare of students from outside of California first and its own students in jeopardy.

The UC system has been rife with issues.  At UC Davis, students and lawmakers are calling for the resignation of Chancellor Linda Katehi for a conflict of interest stemming accepting board positions and compensation from DeVry University, a for-profit university under federal investigation, and a textbook publishing company.