Fabulous food and promotions at Marriott - photo by Donna Balancia
Fabulous food and promotions at Marriott – photo © Donna Balancia

By DONNA BALANCIA — Two Bellmen, the first original short film from Marriott International Inc.’s Content Studio debuted with a fabulous premiere party — where else — at the Marriott Los Angeles LIVE.

The hotel itself is gorgeous and it provided the backdrop for the first film from the collaboration between Marriott and Substance Over Hype. Directed by Daniel “Malakai” Cabrera and written by Cabrera and Jade Raybin, Two Bellmen tells the story of a competitive relationship between two bellmen that grows into a friendship when the two guys work together to thwart an art heist.

photo by Donna Balancia
Marriott’s Mike Waterman with Reese Simmons, Sean McGuirk, and Karie K. – Photo © Donna Balancia

The film was executive produced by Marriott’s Content Studio head David Beebe and was produced by Evan J. Cholfin of Stories International Inc. It stars leading Hollywood stuntmen William Spencer and Caine Sinclair as the bellmen.

It’s the second time this week that we have written about a major corporation getting into the feature film and TV production business. Starbucks made an announcement that it was also creating a production arm that would focus on “socially conscious” subjects.

The lovely Keoni Carew made an appearance - Photo by Donna Balancia
The lovely Keoni Carew made an appearance – Photo © Donna Balancia

At least Marriott has made no such statements — it’s honest in its mission — which it says is to “further the company’s focus on next-generation travelers and to drive new business.”

The studio aims to own original content marketing and produce content that builds worldwide communities of people passionate about travel that will drive commerce to the company’s hotels.

The first film of its slate, Two Bellmen, is a short, action-packed screener that held the several hundred guests in attendance transfixed during its run time.

Luis Hilson and Jordan Sammy - Photo by Donna Balancia
Luis Hilson and Jordan Sammy – Photo © Donna Balancia

What was impressive other than the film itself was it represented all facets of the hotel industry in the pic, with, of course, the two bellmen saving the day. It was indeed entertaining.

The party was equally entertaining, with stars and starlets, fine food and great surroundings.

Two Bellmen is the most ambitious project yet undertaken by Marriott’s Content Studio, which Marriott announced in September 2014. The Studio is dedicated to publishing, distributing and sharing digital content across multiple platforms and on all screens.

Two Bellmen can be seen HERE