Santa's Chinese Workshop story by DONNA BALANCIA
Santa’s Workshop: A factory in Yiwu, China – Photo by Sina News Agency


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Remember the days when people used to make Christmas tree ornaments?

Today, expect that more than half of the ornaments on the typical Christmas tree – and the tree itself – are not made in America, but instead, in a Chinese factory.

The retail market for seasonal decorations has expanded into a $24 billion a year business, and it is growing at a rate of roughly 6 percent a year and most of that cash is going straight to China, according to reports.

Time-crunched Americans, who are spending more than ever – and getting less for their dollar, continually turn to big-box retailers for holiday decorations. Giant discounters like Wal-Mart and Target – filled with Chinese goods – dominate the U.S. retail market. There is no end in sight to demand as domestic consumers rate price a more important factor than quality, reports indicate.