Business travelers can get across the world in a fraction of the time

Rocket CraftersBy DONNA BALANCIA 

TITUSVILLE — Ron Jones, the president and chief technology officer of Titusville-based Rocket Crafters Inc., is a lot like Magellan, navigating his way through uncharted terrain.

But in Jones’ case, the terrain is out of this world.

“There are plenty of studies on space tourism, but there aren’t any studies on suborbital transportation,” Jones said.  “We plan to take the lead in this field.”

Jones, who has extensive experience in the world of rockets, jet propulsion and engineering, knows his model of high-speed business transportation is compelling.

It is particularly attractive to those business travelers who are consistently stuck on long flights that cross multiple time zones, but who need to arrive fresh for their business meetings halfway across the world.

“The market demand and forecast is well understood for space tourism,” Jones said.  “But suborbital transportation is not as well understood.  We will change that.”

The company is working on several projects.  In addition to creating patent-pending rocket propulsion products, the company has formed a consulting group that advises spaceport developers around the world.

RCI is also creating Spaceflight Academy, the world’s first educational institution devoted to commercial spaceflight training using purpose-designed suborbital training flight vehicles.

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