By DONNA BALANCIA, Business Writer —

Orlando International Airport has introduced a new option for motorists picking up passengers, called Express Pick-Up.

Express Pick-Up — which is offered only to E-Pass and SunPass customers — gives drivers access to specially marked entrances to the inner curb of the main terminal building for passenger pickup.

“The Express Pick-Up is another service we’ve initiated in time for the holidays,” said Carolyn Fennell, director of public information for Orlando International. “It’s ideal for those picking up senior citizens or families, because drivers will be able to park on the express pickup curb, get out of the car, go in the terminal and pick up their passenger.”

Express Pick-Up is accessible from the “B” side departing flights curb. Drivers follow the signs from the B terminal to the express pickup area. Before entering the terminal, all vehicles will receive security inspections. Following a successful security inspection, the driver will be able to temporarily park inside the terminal at a cost of $1 per 30 minutes for up to two hours. After the first two hours, the cost is $5 per hour or any part thereof.

The driver has the choice to stay in the vehicle or exit to pick up passengers.

The area will include access to free Wi-Fi Internet service.

Express Pick-Up is open daily from 10 a.m. until 1 a.m. Vehicles left overnight will be towed at the owner’s expense.

No commercial vehicles are allowed.

There also is another new upgrade in the Blue Satellite parking lot for E-Pass and SunPass customers. Drivers looking for long-term parking options now can use their transponders to pay for parking.

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